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  • The typical atm customer will spend 20-25% more than a non-atm customer in a c-store.
  • The largest portion of regular atm users (40%) visit an average of ten times per month.
  • Sixty percent of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34, and 51% between 35 and 49, use atms eight times per month, withdrawing an average of $55 each time.
  • The typical atm user visits an atm an average of 7.4 times per month.
  • The average amount of money withdrawn from an atm is $60.45, with $20 being the most common withdrawal.
  • The most popular day for atm usage is Friday.
  • Americans cite 24-hour access as the most beneficial feature of atm usage.
  • Indoor through-the-wall and freestanding lobby atms are the most widely used type of machines, followed by drive-up atms.
  • Half of all adult Americans use atms regularly, with younger Americans and those with high incomes using them most often.
Source: AT&T Global Information Solutions


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