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An atm machine increases existing business. The typical atm customer will spend 20-25% more than a non-atm customer, according to research conducted by AT&T Global Information Solutions.
An atm machine generates new business. Customers are more likely to seek out a location with an atm machine; in addition to convenience, there are a number of safety benefits associated with an in-store atm machine, according to survey results published in Petroleum Marketer magazine.
An atm machine provides additional revenue streams. Each atm withdrawal transaction generates surcharge ("convenience fee") income for the owner of the atm machine. Additionally, an atm machine can provide revenue from on-screen advertising, couponing, and alternative media (e.g., prepaid phonecards, postage stamps) dispensing opportunities.
An atm machine reduces risk and lowers costs. Having an atm machine on the premises can reduce the number of bad checks and cut credit card expenses because customers have the option of withdrawing cash instead.
An atm machine pays for itself. With break-even points below 100 transactions per month, even a low traffic location can more than pay for an atm machine from surcharge revenues alone.


atm machine

Platinum ATM features full product lines from all the top manufacturers in the industry coupled with carefully selected processing services designed to complement and enhance that quality. Together, they provide the finest cash dispensing solution in the industry. For more details, please visit our ATM Product Lines area.

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